One of my favorite apps is Apollo, an iOS client for Reddit. It is by far the best app for Reddit on iPhone, as it perfectly fits with the design language of iOS with a beautiful user interface. It has many amazing features which make browsing feel more natural. It also allows customizing the theme and app icon so that they can match, which is a detail that I appreciate.

Google Photos

I use Google Photos as my photo library. It gives me peace of mind, because it automatically backs up every photo onto the cloud, making it accessible on any of my devices at any time. I can then delete the local version from my phone to clear up space.

It also offers many great features, such as people and pet recognition, a heat-map of where you have taken photos, and a throwback discovery tool.


Adobe Scan

Unfortunately I still get a bunch of paper from classes, which can be difficult to keep organized. I use Adobe Scan to create a digital copy of everything so that I can view it on any device. I also use this to scan notes and worksheets so that I don’t have to carry around a physical copy. From there, I can work on it on my iPad.


I use Things on macOS and iPadOS as well, and it has become the central tracking tool for my life. It costs a lot of money, but since my life is run with Things, I have no qualms helping support its development.


A great app that I don’t use often but always keep installed is Otter. It is an app that will record voice memos and transcribe them. It can be great for recording meetings or lectures that you want to go through later. My favorite use case is when I’m listening to a talk and I want to break down the content by looking through the transcription and taking notes.